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Monthly Archives

Gibtown Bike Fest 2016

By Lulu

[autoviewer id="440" width="600" height="600" ]

It was a pleasure to attend my first Gibtown Bike Fest in Riverview. Set on a large waterfront property owned by an organization of carnival participants, they offer ample free car and bike parking, plenty of indoor and outdoor full liquor bars with $4 ice cold 16 oz beers, a large circus tent for the stage, a large indoor building for vendors and outdoor vendors and it was great to see our friends from Painted Harley Fairings out of Jacksonville and Custom Lighting Efx, Inc. from Daytona Beach, and some of the best burgers and carnival fare.

For a $10 admission fee you can go back in time at the I.I.S.A. museum across the street and revisit the history that has become the modern day carnival. Lots of interesting exhibits and antique rides are on display. The organizers included great bands on 5 stages including Big Engine, Molly Hatchet, Highway to Hell, and the Greg Billings Band. The Daisy Dukes contest and bikini contests were big hits. To round out the activities they had Harley-Davidson test rides, helicopter rides for $20, the Wall of Death, bike show, corn hole games, and a motorcycle stunt show.

The weather got nasty on Saturday night which I am sure hurt their attendance, but I certainly enjoyed the event and loved being able to spend the night and visit Ybor City area for the vibrant nightlife. Put this on your event calendar for next year…we think you will enjoy the fair like atmosphere that sets this bike event apart.

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