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Monthly Archives

Grub Run 2012

By Lulu

Rue, Ziffra & Caldwell, First Turn Steakhouse & Lounge and some very special folks helped fill the pantries and thereby the stomachs of lots of folks for the holidays with our Annual Grub Run in December. The main reason this is such an important event is that right after the Thanksgiving holidays the food banks are depleted! So we rally all to saddle up for this yearly event and split the bounty with Second Harvest Food Bank and Children’s Home Society.

Many are not aware that when kids in the Children Home Society system turn 18 but are still in school, state funding is stopped and these groceries really help them get through a difficult time…Christmas. I am all for toy runs, but playing with toys just isn’t much fun if your stomach is growling so this is very important at this time of year particularly.

This year we managed with the help of my great friends from Rolling Thunder FL Chapter 8, new friends from the Daytona HOG chapter and students from Seabreeze High School 3,000 pounds of food was weighed and $3383 raised. This couldn’t happen without the caring elves on two and three wheels that rode with us on this event. This event had an immense amount of support from so many local motorcycle clubs and it was greatly appreciated. Thank you to everyone that gave of their time and more importantly, food. The winners of the $100 cash prizes for the 2 wheeled bike (Jack Mayse 200 lbs), trike John Trask 53 lbs.), bike trailer (Sam & Leo 418 lbs.) and club with the most food (HOG 868 lbs.) all donated their prize money back. These guys and gals are more like Santa Claus than elves!!! Whether you came with 1 can or 235 cans of food on your bike we would like to thank you so much for your generosity as it all helped us surpass last year’s numbers. And Niles thank you for your cash contribution that you collected from your work route of $300!! And to Kim and the golfers from White Eagle that donated a huge amount of cash and gift cards out of their profits from the White Eagle Golf Classic. All of this is the true meaning of Christmas!

We are hoping to really grow this event next year and are hoping to challenge the high schools to participate…Rue, Ziffra and Caldwell are even offering a scholarship to the high school that can donate the most food. Nothing better than children helping children to instill a sense of what charity and giving is all about!

We are also asking the bars & restaurants to participate in a Pub Grub Challenge. We hope that in the Volusia, Putnam and Flagler County to have each bar gather 100 pounds of non-perishable food. That should really be a fabulous way to really increase the amount of food needed for the shortages experienced during the holidays.

Please put this on your DO NOT MISS LIST we would love this to turn into the biggest bike run of the year and it only takes grabbing some “GRUB” out of your cupboards and a tank of gas to participate! The date is Saturday, November 30th 2013!

A special thank you to Denise Hilliard and the people at First Turn for hosting the party, Denise helps organize this event and even had some free Grub for the riders and live music. Including all the folks from Rue, Ziffra and Caldwell, particularly Jessica Eckelbarger who work hard all year to organize and promote this event.

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