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Monthly Archives

GT Motorcycles First Anniversary Party

By Miserable George

They started off at a pretty good clip, and have been picking up speed ever since! Sat., Jan., 7th., saw well over 300 folks attending GT’s one year anniversary celebration at the shop in Pineda, on Allen Hill Rd., just north of Pineda Causeway outside Melbourne, Fl. Warm weather prevailed, there was a lot of good food, including a freshly roasted pig, live entertainment by the band “Rough Edges,” plus drinks, and generally, just a good time!!
GT Motorcycles is a full service shop…oil, tires, parts…the works. They also award gift certificates for parts, service, and T-shirts, at many of the local benefit functions. Gary and wife Geri, and the crew…Mel and Tripp…invite you to stop in anytime, see their ad in THUNDER ROADS. I tell ya, they make ya feel right at home! They stopped all the leaks on my old Shovel too! I’d like to wish GT Motorcycles all the best in the New Year…thanks for a fun day!

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