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Monthly Archives

Harley Rendezvous 2012

By Miserable George

Harley Randezvous 2012

We rolled into the Indian Look-out Country Club on June 21 about 1:30PM, and found the place already packed…a little unusual…but, we got a good camp-site anyway. It was hot, muggy, and very windy, but with some help, we got our tent set up, and we were off and running to get some early pics of this horde of revelers, and, we weren’t disappointed. We closed out Thursday with some much needed food and rest.

Action AT Harley RandezvousFriday began with a trip to Rotterdam for a huge breakfast with our gang, and man, I needed that! The afternoon brought on the “Beer Drinkin’ Rodeo”! It’s a timed event employing beer drinking stations built into the course around several rubber pylons. Needless to say, there were spills, but thankfully…no injuries. Ever see a half-in-the-bag babe try to bite the weenie? That’s fun!! This year, they had an organized Burn-Out Contest too, with the object of “popping” the rear tire, which DID happen. It’s fun to watch, but something I wouldn’t do! By now, all the vendors were all set up and doing a pretty fair business, along with a few swap meets, tattoo artists, a mini-zoo, and of course, the ice cream parlor. Yeah, it was good ice cream eatin’ weather. The Waterin’ Hole Bar was very busy, and the day-stage entertainment drew a big crowd. There were lots of new vendors up there on the hill too. The main stage supported over 15 live bands for the week-end, along with the Leather and Lace and tattoo shows. Back in the barn, event T-shirts were selling real good, as was beer and ice…even coffee near-by!

Saturday, of course, was the Great American Motorcycle Rodeo, and I’m glad to see old’ Chuck was doing his usual masterful job of keeping things moving! I’m hot for the sled-pull and the tire drag! I doubt if the ladies enjoyed diving into the hay pile to find that potato, but they did it never-the-less! Some bad lookin’ storms slid past us to the north and south, but left us high and dry. Of course, the evening brought on the International Contest, and later, the fireworks, to end yet another fun-filled Rendezvous! Hey, I gotta thank the entire staff for a bang-up job in the intolerable heat and dust, but, they did it!!! Hope I can make it again in 2013, if the BIG MAN says OK. Ride safe…
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