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Monthly Archives

Harley Rendezvous…Number 33

By Miserable George

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Or as it is also known…The Rain-de-vous!! Yep, Number 33 was a wet, muddy, mess!! The grounds were completely saturated, but that didn’t seem to deter the hoard of bikers zeroing in on Mariaville, N.Y., the week-end of June 23, 24, 25, and 26, 2011. Not too bad getting in and set up, but getting out was a different story. OK, enough whining! The gang from Maine brought their big canopy, so, we had a little shelter when it rained. Our first “event” was a mud wrestling match between two little honeys camped near us, and, this was almost the order of the day! Why do folks like to roll around in MUD??

Friday, was the annual Beer Drinking Rodeo, and trying to negotiate those wet rodeo grounds was a real show…sparked by the rule that you had to drink several beers during your attempt to complete the exercise…FUN!! Lots of spills, but, no injuries. I was amazed at how some of the ladies handled the mud…a few were actually wearing HIGH HEELS and party dresses, as opposed to jeans or shorts, and boots. Biker Babes…ya gotta love ‘em!! One new improvement was the concrete walk-way on the Midway area…vendors row…it kept ya outta the mud!! Lots of new food vendors this year too, GOOD!! Oh yeah, gotta thank my friend, Chet, for the delicious venison burger on Friday night!

Saturday was a pretty nice day, almost no rain!! It actually dried out a bit. We started out with a trip to the South Schenectady Fire Dept. for a huge breakfast…inside…out of the rain and mud!! Big thanks to Chief Mike France and the crew. OK, back at the grounds, the bike show attracted quite a crowd, as did the events on the main and day stages, and as always, the Waterin’ Hole Bar was a sea of bodies!

The Bike Rodeo was exciting, especially the sled pull…pretty tricky, getting around in the slime! Evening brought on the infamous International Contest…the boob show to you newbies!! Now, the fireworks, and another VOUS is history! I had fun, tired, but none-the-worse for wear!! Hope we can do it again next year. Ride safe…

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