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Monthly Archives

H&D Roadhouse 2nd Anniversary Blow-Out

By Miserable George


Two years ago, Harry and Debbie Vigliano purchased a failing bar business on SR 520 in Merritt Island and turned it into a thriving, booming, biker bar, as Harry puts it: The only REAL biker bar in Brevard County!! The Second Year Celebration started on Friday, Oct. 25th and wound up on Sunday, Oct. 27th, and what a 3 day blast it was! As opposed to last year, this year’s weather was perfect! Along with bands, food, vendors, and drinks, etc., there was a Leather & Lace contest on Friday, a huge Halloween Costume competition on Sat., and a bike show on Sunday. OH, did I mention a Bikini Bike Wash for most of each day as well…? There was also one of those inflatable boxing rings in the back, which got a fair amount of use during the week-end. Scantily clad Jello-shot babes were a definite asset as well!! If you just wanted to relax a bit, the outdoor, shaded deck was for you! Hey, Harry and Debbie and the family, have worked hard to give Brevard bikers a good, relaxing, place they can call home…all bikers are welcome! So, if you’re cruising SR 520, just west of the Banana River, stop in for a cold one, AND, you can pick up the latest THUNDER ROADS FLORIDA magazine too! Be safe out there…ya hear??

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