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Monthly Archives

Hitting a Few Spots: Rudy’s, Foxhead and St. John’s River Grille

By Lulu

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It has been awhile since we had the time and energy to just get out and play. But the weather has finally just been awesome to get on the bike and the need to dance just got the best of me. We made it out to see Penta at St. John’s River Grille for their bike night and the band filled up the place, lots of dancing was going on. You should ride out to Deland for this Wednesday night bike night…go hungry…they have a full menu and the food is great!

On Friday night, we went down to Foxhead Lounge in Osteen. We wanted to check out the band NY Rockabilly Rockets that have an ad in this month’s issue. They are great musically and fun to watch, even if you don’t know much about rockabilly music you will know all these classic tunes. See their ad for the locations and dates for March.

We snuck in at the end of a poker run that ended at Rudy’s in Holly Hill on Sunday for their Police tribute run. We had a great time seeing old and new friends and now that Rudy has liquor this Crown drinking girl was happy. Be safe while you are out and about this Bike Week, lots of critters on the roadside and road construction everywhere you look…don’t be a hot shot…be careful…ride like you are a target on a video game because we are!

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