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Monthly Archives

Hot And Twisted At The White Eagle

By Lulu

[autoviewer id="241" width="600" height="600" ]

This was our best TWISTED TEA Hot Thunder Bikini Contest ever! Not only was the weather fabulous, the Twisted Tea icy cold, the girls smokin’ hot, Big Engine was rocking the new White Eagle stage complete with a ramp for us to bring bikes on stage, the crowd was and they were incredibly generous.

This year our judges included celebrity Don Wood from the reality TV show Moonshiners, artist Tom Ackley and his wife and entrepreneur Vicki-jo Lucky from Eternity Spa, pro bass fisherman sponsored by Twisted Tea Gary Coleman, Geri from GT Motorcycles in Pineda, photographer Miserable George and Twisted Tea drinker Choppers! They had an incredibly difficult task of narrowing the field down to decide who went away with $300, $500 or the grand prize of $1200! Our winner Jessica Renee is from Miami and has won our contest in the past. I think it must be those incredible “assets!

During the event, artist Tom Ackley presented Don Wood with a wood burning likeness of him, and Don was just stoked to receive it.

We brought in Sterling and Josh dressed in pink briefs to dance for the crowd to raise money for the Tracy Dillon Mammogram Fun, and incredibly, the generous crowd gave $632!! Gotta love those bikers!

We want to thank the bike owners, Don, Irv, Ricardo, John, Tim and another John for the use of their bikes for the girls to pose on for the crowd. I particularly want to thank Don, Micah, Ricardo, A.J., Tim, Howie and Kim for going the extra mile to get the stage done just in the nick of time.

We need to thank the White Eagle for hosting our event, Twisted Tea for being awesome sponsors each year, the participants in the game, particularly the deep throats who swallowed the whole thing! Finally I want to mention La Mesa RV on I-4 in Sanford who allow the girls to change into those tiny bikinis in the comfort of a beautiful air conditioned RV. You guys are the best! If you are looking for an RV of any sort visit our friends at La Mesa. And if you haven’t tried a Twisted Tea come to one of our Bike Nights and the Twisted Tea girls will hook you up!

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