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Monthly Archives

Hot Times At Cold River Saloon

By TJ Costa


The first weekend in April marked the grand opening for the Cold River Saloon in Punta Gorda with owners, Ken and Dee, throwing one hell of a bash to celebrate. On Saturday, Storm Warning was ripping up classic tunes, the crowd was rocking and the ice-cold beer flowed. A fantastic pig roast prepared by Rick Sechrist kept bellies full and happy, with sides provided by Mike and Tammy Livingston. The following day was Cold River’s regular first Sunday of the month Bike Bash and nobody missed a beat! Lippy’s catered a great BBQ and the Forbidden Fruit Farmers rocked all day with plenty of $12 beer buckets quenching everyone’s thirst. Ken and Dee brought their Maine hospitality to southwest Florida at the old Tilly’s Tap and are quickly establishing a “Cheers” like atmosphere which makes it a favorite stop on my monthly statewide trek. Plan a trip to Punta Gorda, book a room at the Punta Gorda Waterfront Hotel, explore this cool town and make Cold River Saloon your party spot. Just a short ride from downtown the owners and their friendly bartenders, Christie, Angela and Toni are always happy to welcome thirsty patrons with a big smile and an ice-cold beer.

Photo by Ken and Lennie, Southwest Florida Reps

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