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Monthly Archives

Ice House BBQ

By Amy Poole

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Rod, owner of Ice House Saloon, is all smiles about making his domain a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for all. By doing that he provides us with a large spread of BBQ the 3rd Sunday of every month plus live entertainment. The Ice House Saloon use to be literally an ice house, so its name and its interior is a perfect fit. During the last BBQ there was a full house of friends having a great time, a few raffles, and a birthday celebration…with a huge cake! Although the heat has been stifling this event has been growing each month. One thing Rod wants you to remember is that…bikers are always welcome… AND… there is always “Cold Beer and Hard Nipple”!! We’ll see ya next month…

Scroll down for the Ice House BBQ cam

[autoviewer id="87" width="600" height="600" ]

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