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Monthly Archives

Iraq War Monument Fund Raiser

By Ron Cox


In concert with the Cape Coral Community Foundation, the Special Forces M/C Chapter 1 organized a fund raising ride to raise money for the establishment and maintenance of the Iraq War Monument at Eco Park in Cape Coral.

A unique feature of the event was the prize for the most patriotically decorated motor vehicle. Riding away with first place was Dan Bartley from the Gold Wing Road Riders, FL 2-G.

Pitching in to show support was Anthony’s On The Boulevard which hosted a Pig Roast Fundraiser from noon to midnight. Anthony’s is well known in the community for supporting worthwhile events. The Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 594 provided the color guard for opening ceremonies.

By coincidence, Navy CPO Blaine Elmer literally stepped off an airplane at SW Regional Airport and jumped on his Harley which had been brought there by some friends. The ride’s departure was delayed so CPO Elmer could take his position at the front, just behind the color guard. Elmer has served five overseas tours including duty in Iraq, the Balkans and this most recent assignment in Afghanistan. Needless to say, Elmer received a standing ovation and many handshakes from the Veterans in attendance.

* * * * *

Donations for the Monument can be sent to: Cape Coral Community Foundation, The IRAQ Monument, 4729 Vincennes Boulevard, Cape Coral, Florida 33904.

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