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Monthly Archives

It Happens In A Blink Of An Eye!!!

By Phoenix and Metric

Back in February, on a beautiful day for a ride, Karla and Lee decided to hit the road on their Harley, something that they have done for nearly fifty years. In the blink of an eye years of enjoyment have come to an end, at least for now. Karla and Lee were run off the road by an SUV that was passing a dump truck over an embankment, leaving Lee no where to go but into the guard rail sending the love of his life through the air and landing face first on the pavement.

Phoenix and I just happen to be at the hospital that day when Karla and Lee had to be airlifted to Tampa General. While Lee suffered several injuries, Karla got the worst of it. After over $30,000.00 in repairs to Karla’s injuries alone, they are slowly but surely recovering. However, their lives have been changed forever. Everyday they get up and thank GOD they are still alive.

In September, there was a benefit run to help with the cost of their medical expense. Fred’s Bar, off of Highway 98 in Sebring was host to the run, with stops at the Warlock’s Clubhouse, Gator Shack, Carly Lynn’s and back to Fred’s where we were treated to a delicious BBQ dinner and music by a group of guys who came together just for this benefit.

I asked the lead guitarist the name of the band and he told me they did not have a name. A week later he called me and told me they decided to form a band and call themselves “Renegades”. So, our thanks go out to the Renegades.

The benefit raised nearly $3,000.00 to help Karla and Lee with their medical expenses. So if you are ever out this way stop by any of these places and check in on Karla and Lee. By the way the driver of the SUV has not been caught yet.

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