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Monthly Archives

JP Cycles And Rue & Ziffra Spotlight The Lady Rider

By Lulu


The folks at JP Cycles and Rue & Ziffra, law firm hosted a workshop for lady riders. The recent increase in women on two wheels has certainly become obvious as you watch the stream of bikes pass during major rallies anywhere in the country. And many women even though they have completed the motorcycle endorsement class, often do not have the years of knowledge about bikes that most men grow up with. The workshop at JP Cycles was very informative covering things such as types of helmets, and how to get the proper fit. Also covered was windshield types and how to measure for correct shield, seats and suspension, accessories, oil change, cleaning your bike and then a fashion show. The day started with coffee and donuts and included lunch. The finale was attorney David Sweat from Rue & Ziffra discussing insurance and accident information. I was very impressed with the attendance and the interest of the women who participated particularly since it was held during Leesburg Bike Fest. A special thank you to the crew at JP Cycles, David from Rue & Ziffra, and Stephanie from WHOG radio not only for their time and effort on putting on this event but also for recognizing the need for education opportunities for lady riders.

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