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Monthly Archives

Knights Of Inferno’s 1st Annual Frank Celico Run

By Ronald Melvin


April 28th, it wasn’t quite nine o’clock as a dozen or so members of the Knights of Inferno and their supporters moseyed in and out of the B.F.A.A.R. Post 1, like zombies. In their hands were hot cups of coffee. Several settled on a plate of biscuits and gravy.  Those outside watched curiously as a police cruiser drove into the parking lot.

Looking closely one could see that this was not an ordinary police cruiser. Every open surface space on the cruiser was filled with signatures and drawings from Sgt. Frank Celico’s family, friends and the Flagler community. Both adults and children shared their memories and goodbyes. This was the first stop of the 1st Annual Frank Celico Foundation Poker Run.

Leaving the B.F.A.A.R. the cruiser led a group of bikers to the next stop which was Roadside Tavern followed by the Riverside Grill Restaurant, the Dog Pound Saloon and ending at the White Eagle Lounge.

Funds raised will be used to acquire bikes for the underprivileged youth of Flagler County which was Frankie’s passion.
The foundation website is for information and donations.

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