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Monthly Archives

Knockout Ride For Jolene

By Lulu

[autoviewer id="255" width="600" height="600" ]

I spend most weekends traveling to distant events in our beautiful state and often miss the events in my “sweet home Daytona”, but I was fortunate to be able to ride on a run for one of my dear friend’s girlfriend, Jolene. I must admit I really don’t know Jolene well, as since she has been dating my friend Mike she had barely been able to talk due to what we all thought was just a nodule on her voice box. But 27 year old Jolene was just diagnosed with cancer of the larynx. The ride started at Circus Two and the parking lot was packed. Jolene who has already started her treatment was just beaming in every photo I shot. I know that there is no better medicine than something like a huge outpouring of love! The stops included American Legion on Walker, Babe’s Blue Room, White Eagle and the Iron Horse. The final “round” of this knock out ride was a party at Circus Two. I know Jolene and her family appreciate all the love and support! They raised nearly $3000 with 120 bikes signed up. And the Dirty White Boys from Holly Hill gave a separate donation just for Jolene…thanks Boys!

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