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Monthly Archives

L.A.M.A. Bike Day

By Amy Poole

LAMA Bike DayL.A.M.A., Latin American Motorcycle Association, St. Augustine, is partnering up with the VFW Post 2391 to introduce a Bike Day on the 3rd Sunday of every month providing an afternoon of fun for families and friends. Their focus is to have this Bike Day help raise club funds not only to keep their club up and running, but to help support local charities in our community as well…giving back to others.

A great way to construct a fundraiser is to include riding and good food, that brings most of us out for a fun filled day!! Bike Day starts around noon with music, activities for the kids, vendors that were set up for some shopping and the huge spread of food for lunch. The food was lip smackin’ good and endless!! Hefty plates were dished out from salad to a burger or hot dog, to a full dinner of pulled pork, chili, rice, etc. All the food is cooked by the members and most of the food is provided by sponsors. Purchasing a few tickets for food, raffles, drinks and 50/50 is a must when you first arrive to have a chance to win some prizes too. If you enjoy biker games, the slow ride was at a crawl, but enjoyed by all and the loud pipe contest was an earful!!

This was an enjoyable day for everyone, a nice ride and we will be attending again!! Mark your calendar for the 3rd Sunday of every month…it’s a must!! If you would like more info visit their website:

Thank you Lorenzo, Jimmy and the members for the hospitality you showed us, and to our friends and all who participated.

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