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Monthly Archives

Labor Day Weekend At The Iron Horse Saloon

By Amy Poole

This year’s Labor Day event at The World Famous Iron Horse Saloon was just as hot and dry as last year…but even better the second time around! The pre-party was Friday night sponsored by Jagermeister with Jager Girls and shot specials. If you missed this shot special be sure to try a Jager Barrel next time! (It’s tasty Jager and root beer.)

The Rumbler’s Car Show was hoppin’ on Saturday with loads of kustom hot rods piled deep into the Horse and out on US1. The pin up girl contest is a great affair and it’s a chance to win some moahla! A cute blond in 60ish apparel took home the cash prize of $300!

The Joey Run finally got to take place on Saturday, due to bad weather on the previous date, raising a whopping $3000! Many prizes, like paint jobs and pin striping, got auctioned off and many of them were donated back so they could be auctioned again. The Tito guitar was auctioned for $250 and went to a lucky home.

The event was still in full swing Sunday morning waiting to show off that freshly polished chrome in the bike show for handcrafted trophies and to see what the lovely ladies were going to have on or take off during the bikini contest! The 10 hot contestants gave it their all, but only 3 lucky ladies took the cash. I was even privileged enough to help them by being one of the judges!

We would like to thank the sponsors Bayer Aspirin, Twisted Tea, Jim Beam, Politis and Matovina Law Firm, Jagermeister, Willie’s Tropical Tattoo, Iron Horse staff, etc. for allowing us to be able to enjoy their festivities. Thanks Iron Horse!!!

On this last note if you all don’t know or remember it was the year anniversary, on Sunday, of Sharon Kitts motorcycle accident while leaving the Iron Horse last year during this event. Sharon was at the Horse Sunday and told Shane “I was out of town, but had to come back in town because I HAD to be here today.” She is doing extremely well, has faced her fear, she is full of life, and always smiling!!!

Look twice and ride safe…

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