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Monthly Archives

Leesburg 2013 Bikefest

By Lulu

[autoviewer id="250" width="600" height="600" ]

Once again Leesburg Partnership pulled off one hell of a street party for those who love to ride! Known for 3 days of miles of vendors, bands, girls and fun what sets this apart from many is how darn biker friendly the community remains! Every restaurant and bar we went in, even the ritzy Mission Inn welcomed us and thanked us for coming. The Rat’s Hole Bike Show, headliners such as Stephen Pearcy, Candlebox, The Outlaws and Nova Rex thrilled the overflowing crowds. My favorite band during the event was Greg Billing on the Budweiser stage and the place was packed with all of us singing along on almost every song! But with 60+ bands there was music for everyone’s taste! And girls, girls everywhere…Miss Rat’s Hole, Miss Gator Harley-Davidson and Miss Leesburg Bike Fest all were drop dead gorgeous. You can ask anyone that has been; the nice areas to ride are well worth the trip even if all the excitement in downtown wasn’t going on. Sugarloaf Mountain Road and down in the hills of Clermont are just wonderful riding for Florida. Add to that the county is Lake County and there is water everywhere. Thank you Leesburg Partnership, Gator and Stormy-Hill Harley-Davidson for continuing to put on a class act.

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