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Monthly Archives

Leesburg Bike Fest 2011

By Lulu

Faces and Places

As we all know bike festivals are sprouting up all over, but one that has really become a favorite of bikers from all over is Leesburg Bike Fest in Lake County. I saw bike tags from states all across our nation. The reason this one attracts so many is the community seems to genuinely want bikers to feel appreciated.

When we visited restaurants and local watering holes the staff and management were chatty and made us feel at home. Even Vic, the owner of the Embers, came to our table and sat down! By the way if you ever want a 5 star meal while in Leesburg Vic’s is the place! Jessie Black’s always puts on quite a show with a bartender even climbing on the roof to put on a fire breathing display!

Downtown there are more stages than I could count with bands of every type including Slaughter and Jackyl. There are bikini shows, bike shows, vendors galore and then they always manage to throw in unexpected things; this year a Lucky Man contest and a big rig show!

And then there are the roads to ride to great little places like Lake Harris Hideaway and Sugarloaf Mountain Rd. Our hats off to Leesburg Partnership and Gator Harley for pulling off another successful event!

Hot Bodies of Every Kind!

Leesburg with all their stages manages to put on quite a show and they certainly didn’t lack in scantilly dressed females with night and day bikini contests.  This year there was even a great show for the lady riders put on by Lucky Man! Don’t think for one minute the crowds at the male show were any smaller or less enthusiastic then at the female contests. The girls loved every minute of it!

BON Meet & Greet at Leesburg

As partiers go, there are few better than BON members. Whenever I throw a Thunder Roads party or Thunder Riders event I can always count on that crew to show up! So we rode over to their party for a chance to catch them in action. Plenty showed up and though it was hot with little shade, it didn’t seem to bother them much!  As long as there is a bar around they can take the HEAT!

Rat’s Hole Bike Show

Once again the Rat’s Hole Bike Show drew big crowds at Leesburg. The parking lot was overflowing with bikes of every make, style and color. The large crowds milled around and enjoyed the artistic talents of bike builders from near and far. And what makes this one of the better shows at a major event is it is free.

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Leesburg 2011 Face And Places

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Leesburg 2011 Hot Bodies Of Every Kind

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Leesburg 2011 BON Meet & Greet

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Leesburg 2011 Rat Hole Bike Show

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