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Monthly Archives

Letters To The Editor April 2012

Hi Kneecap! Always enjoy reading your column, but had to feedback on the one in January! Not everyone in the occupy movement is a freeloader. Personally I busted my ass for an unnamed airline for 31 years only to have my retirement benefits “MODIFIED” as in dumped! They left my pension in the lap of the government, screwed up health insurance so bad I could do better on my own, and as a final insult, gave the CEO a guaranteed 3.4 million pension…and the corporate welfare goes on from the government! So, yes, I am a 99%er, and so are you, whether you realize it or not!! Maybe the conservatives need to move to the center as well!! See you on the road…keep the shiny side clean!
John Danius

Always love your feedback. And I feel for you because you are the outcome of the government’s “helping hand” in business. Lulu

Want to thank you for putting our Toy Run info in your magazine. And Thank You for what you all do for the Biker Community.
Suzanne Kovach

All we do is report on the wonderful works of the biking community and try to keep our bikers informed of upcoming events through our calendar. The work done by groups such as the Suncoast Brotherhood is what makes us so proud of the biking community. Lulu

James… (Gambler) here, as you know I’m an A.B.A.T.E. member VINTAGE Chapter St. Augustine, St. Johns/Flagler Co. A.B.A.T.E. of Florida, Inc. dedicated to the freedom of the road, Florida’s only state motorcycle rights organization…(LET THOSE WHO RIDE DECIDE)…I just want to touch base with you on what’s going on with our chapter for the rest of the year. I think Thunder Roads is the best way to reach out to all the bikers here in FL I would somehow like to mention in your publication an invitation to all who ride to come ride with us, and to stop in to our meetings on the last Sunday of each month at 3 pm at the VFW on US 1 St. Augustine. In the last two years we have come a long way to putting a great chapter together. We have done a lot in our county and looking to do a lot more. I would need an ok from the board, but I would like to let you know what we are doing from time to time. Also after the first of the yr we will be reaching out to all our friends in Flagler County, Palm Cost. Thanks, James

The work ABATE does should be appreciated and supported by all who ride. Micki & Rich from St. Augustine is who you need to contact to keep your events posted in the magazine although now you can post them yourself at Thanks for being a loyal reader! Lulu

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