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Monthly Archives

Marge Olsen for Hospice Poker Run

By Tony

Marge Olsen Ride

It’s been raining all week. We see some sun on Friday and decide where heading up to Ocala a day early for the 4th Annual Marge Olsen for Hospice Poker Run. Come Saturday morning skies are clear, and I hear a rumble at our hotel. It’s only “Pickles” on her trike coming to get us. We pack our gear and we’re off to “EDT” (English Dart Tavern) for the start and finish of the ride. By 9:30 I’m starting my Bloody Mary and the bikes are rolling in.

By 11am the place is packed, and people are slowly heading out to make the 3 stops then back for food, raffles and an auction. A little back road riding in the morning in horse country is gorgeous, water oaks hanging over the road as our canopy to keep the sun off us. Back by 3 for food and the start of Big Butch’s auction and party on. Butch also does karaoke night 3 times a week at the Tavern. After the 50/50 drawing which was donated back, the band took the stage and as usual Jaybird and the Infuzion Band rocked the house.

To the point where nobody cared about the thunderstorm outside. A big thanks to Mike Wood Up in Smoke catering for cooking the meat and his raffle donations and to everybody that brought a side dish or dessert. A big hand for Curtis Allen owner of the English Dart Tavern and everybody involved in putting on a great day. And a big thanks to “Dallas” from Burnout Alley Cycles for getting me back on the road after I got a flat tire on the “cement mixer” at our last stop. IF I DIDN’T SEE YOU THIS YEAR I BETTER SEE YOU NEXT
Ride Safe and Watch the Water Holes…

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