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Monthly Archives

Nobodies’ Opinion August 2011

Nobodies Opinion Header

By Billy”Kneecap”Braddock

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This month the article will be short and a little wishy-washy because I’m getting ready for a trip to Sturgis. This will be my first time and the time to complete my bucket list is getting short. Like I always say “the good thing about old age is that it doesn’t last long”.

While preparing for the trip the first thing to address is the cost. Prices are skyrocketing. Fuel is my main concern. In 2008 I remember paying $.99 gal., in 2009/$2.99 gal., in 2010/$3.99. That’s a $3.00 increase in 2yrs.. I’m not good at math but I think that’s an increase of 300%. Now, I looked at my bank account and it didn’t increase by 300%. Imagine that? The only other things that seemed to have increased at that rate are unemployment, food prices, and government. However, the Feds claim that there is no inflation and the cost of living hasn’t risen. Why is it illegal for you to lie to the government (police, IRS, Congress etc.) and it’s legal for the government to lie to you?

At first, I decided to blame “Big Oil” for gouging, but I started doing some research and found this out. Based upon a $3.00 gallon of gas the average break-down is as follows: Gas Retailer $.01 cents per/gal., Oil Company $.08 cents per/gal., Refining $.29 cents per/gal., Marketing/Distribution $.32 cents per/gal., Cost of crude $1.71 per/gal., TAXES $.59 cents per/gal. Who is gouging who?

We are being played like a Yo-Yo. Consumer prices for basic items fluctuate suddenly and repeatedly. I’ve seen this for years. Example: an item sells for $1.00. All of a sudden it goes to $4.00. Everyone is outraged. Two months later it comes down to $3.00. Most stop complaining. Six months later it sells for $2.00 and the dumb masses except it even though it has increased 100%. Are we suffering from Senile Dementia (loss of memory) or are we so use to the wool being pulled over our eyes, that we have become complacent? “Knowledge is knowing tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in fruit salad”.

Another concern was the route and time table. The route was not a problem. All I had to do was buy a GPS (bitch in a box), download a Mapquest map, and have AAA prepare a trip guide. AAA had a hard time planning the route because I requested that the map list all the Taverns.

My final, and probably best, decision was to get my friend Terry to lead the way since he had ridden there many times. He also gave me some advice. He told me not to wear my sandals, Bermuda shorts, and flowered Hawaiian shirt, because I might look like a tourist in the Black Hills.

The Time Table was easy. We leave on Ramadan, arrive on Tish’a B’ AV, and get back way before Rosh Hashana. Shalom and Mazel Tov.

Most people know I have a fondness for Trivia, which are things that are unimportant, inconsequential, and nonessential. Whoops! That pretty well describes me. I also have a passion for Monkeys. I even have Monkey tats. My girlfriend’s sister keeps bugging me for the names of the three monkeys on my tat. Here goes Teresa. “ Mizaru”, sees evil, “Kikazaru”, hears evil, “Inazaru”, speaks evil, and there is a forth monkey that I have on another tat., called “Shizaru”, does evil. Now, if you can pronounce their names, and say them three times very fast, I will get naked and show you.

An absolute truth! “The problems we face today are there because the people who work(ed) for a living are outnumbered by those who vote for a living”.

See you on the shiny side of tomorrow…

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