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Monthly Archives

Nobodies Opinion Dec 2012


By Billy “Kneecap” Braddock

Before reading this article, remember the title is “Nobodies Opinion”. Everyone who has been reading my articles over the past years knows that I am a conservative libertarian and promoter of smaller government. We need some forms of government. Police, fire protection, infrastructure, etc. are important. However, in the past hundred years or so, the federal government has grown at an enormous pace. I believe that it is the fault of the uninformed, undereducated, and uncaring voters.

Our founding fathers had it right when they decided NOT to put the right to vote in the Constitution. It’s hard for me to believe that we would re-elect a president whose administration had 24 million unemployed, 47 million on food stamps, and millions of homes being foreclosed upon. I could go on with all the negatives but this article is not long enough. I believe Rush Limbaugh hit it on the nose when he said “You can’t vote against Santa Claus”.

We have become a “Regulation against Business Society”. The federal government has been adding on an average 68 new regulations a day. This costs businesses billions of dollars to comply. We don’t only have to worry about the feds; look at your local government. Every day some politician comes up with a new law or regulation. Give someone a little power, and they want to try to tell you how to live. (Republicans and Democrats alike)

Take Daytona Beach as an example. Businesses in the city proper are dropping like flies. When the suggestion of extending Biketoberfest to 10 days was suggested, the area merchants were all in favor. Then, here comes the politicians. They start claiming that it makes no difference in attendance. How stupid! Their example was, “We tried it twice”, once, immediately after the September 11 attacks and then immediately after the 2004 hurricanes. How dumb could they be? It was a last-minute decision with only a few weeks to publicize the extension.

Bikers save and prepare for months to come to Daytona. Nobody is going to ride long distances for just three days. (I don’t count Sunday because that is a going home day for most.) That’s why Bike Week brings in 500,000 and Biketoberfest only draws 100,000. The businesses outside of Daytona city limits run Biketoberfest for 10 days. They’ve been drawing the crowds making those businesses profitable.

One of the commissioners even said that the economic boost is short-lived. Duh!!! Did somebody forget to tell her that it’s only three days and the 744 room Hilton typically sells out? What a stupid comment.

Another excuse politicians like to use is “We want to make Daytona more family friendly”. That’s the biggest joke I ever heard. I’ve been hearing that for the past 50 years and it will never work. It’s a beach town not Disney World. We should take advantage of all and any revenue that can be brought into the community. Businesses are starving and the economy sucks. Every dollar is important. We need to tell these Blue hairs to stop standing in the way. They need to go sit on their rocking chairs, smoke a joint and relax. Stay out of the way and let the businesses make a living.

I just had a birthday. I am now a lot closer to 50 that I am 40. True statement. This means that when I get lucky, it means I was able to find my motorcycle in the parking lot.

I heard a great commercial the other day. It said “your hair needs a touch of gray”. In my case I need a touch of hair.

Seen a good one the other day on my way to Deland, one of the human sign holders was waving his sign that said “Haircut And Style $15”. Guess what? He was bald. Wanted to go right in.

See you on the shiny side of tomorrow…

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