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Monthly Archives

Nobodies’ Opinion December 2011

Nobodies Opinion Header

By Billy”Kneecap”Braddock

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Here we are coming to the end of another year, and it will soon be time to say Merry Christmas. I don’t say Happy Holidays because I’m “Politically Incorrect”.

I tend to be an equal opportunity offender. Given enough time, I can irritate, annoy, or anger almost anyone. Saying Happy Holidays with 9% unemployment, plus food and energy costs skyrocketing, would be an oxymoron. Moron being the descriptive word when we refer to those running Washington D.C. I’m not an anarchist. I understand we need government for defense, infrastructure, and some judicial matters.

However, we have become a regulation nation. Complying with government regulations costs our economy $175 trillion a year. That’s twice as high as all of the individual income taxes collected every year by the Federal Government. Talk about an albatross around the neck of productive Americans.

The top concern of small business, which employs 70% of working Americans, is regulations which effect their decisions about hiring and spending. It would be impossible to replicate a Home Depot or Wal-Mart because of government regulations. Costs of regulations are really hidden taxes which are passed down to the consumer. America is sinking and we have a “Ruler in Chief” calling Americans soft and lazy. This comes from a man who has spent more time vacationing and campaigning then attempting to do the job for which he was elected. He was not Coronated. He has confused citizens with subjects. Americans are not lazy; they are shackled with hyper-taxation and hyper-regulation. Americans didn’t build the Greatest Country on Earth by being lazy and soft.

There are reasons why new businesses no longer come to America. Bureaucracy, Taxes, Unions, Regulations, and Federal spending. The fact is that the policies of our federal government have forced the United States down to #9 on the index of Economic Freedom. Ongoing regulatory changes, coupled with fading confidence in the direction of government policies, discourage entrepreneurship and dynamic investment within the private sector.

Let’s get down to more important subjects. When I was a kid we raced in what was called scrambles. Now, they are called Motocross. One of my first bikes was a 250cc Ducati, which was the fastest in its class until the 250cc Honda came along and left me in the dust. I don’t race anymore. I ride a cruiser now, but I’m thinking about getting back into racing. This time I’m going to race “Hoverounds”.

Instead of the AMA or ESPN sponsoring my team, I’m thinking in the line of Depends, Fixodent, or Preparation H. Since Hoverounds are manufactured in Sarasota, outfitting my battery powered wheelchair with more power so I can reach speeds that exceed 20mpg. Maybe, I could get the Energizer Bunny to be our mascot. Damn, getting old can be such “FUN”!

Another thing that was brought to my attention was the change in a Milk Truck.

Years ago the milkman drove his truck to your house and left bottles of milk at your door. The new Milk Truck is a converted ice cream truck with a giant BOOB on top. The purpose is to give breast feeding mothers a private nursing space. Maybe if my racing career doesn’t work out I could get a job driving the Milk Truck. I always wanted to drive a truck with a Giant BOOB on top.

See you on the shiny side of tomorrow.

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