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Monthly Archives

Nobodies Opinion Feb 2016


By Billy “Kneecap” Braddock

Aristotle teaches that while we must love our friends, we must love truth more. We need to understand what has happened to America and we need to reverse the damage and restore our crumbled Constitutional Republic. Radical Islam is gaining energy daily. European cities are under siege by Muslim immigrants who refuse to integrate and are often lawless. Our own government, including the leaders of both parties, is welcoming thousands of poorly vetted refugees, even with new Islamic attacks happening on American soil with more frequency.

However, we are being saved by King Obama, who says the only thing we have to worry about is global warming. Those who denounce this action are considered racist or extremist. We are a nation already on life support with the lowest labor force participation rate since 1977, 47 million Americans, one-sixth of the country; now receive food stamps, and a national debt of more than $18.9 trillion or $154.161 per tax payer. The red ink will likely be crowding the $20 trillion mark right around the time Mr. Obama leaves the White House.

The foundation of America is rooted in the Constitution and if we stop living by its principles America will become extinct. We have an unconstitutional administration that is making a mockery of our representative government. The Iran deal and Obamacare are disasters as well as most of the policies of this administration. We need to rally our citizens, and I emphasize “Citizens” who are dedicated to the principles that our country was founded on. We need to educate our adolescents in liberty, freedom and individual rights.

They need to learn that the only “Safe Zone” is solitary confinement in a maximum security prison. In America you can be a gutless, useless, freeloading parasite that pisses on the Constitution and still get a check from the government every month. That’s true even if you’re not the President. If you are only getting minimum wage, you probably are only putting out minimum effort. Remember, the only tranquilizer you need to sleep is called “work”.

Warning: PETA is coming for Rover the puppy, Fluffy the pussycat, Goldie the goldfish and probably any other animal you have as a pet. I was brought up on a farm and learned early to separate farm animals from pets. I always felt chickens were best fried after they stop laying eggs. When I go by a pasture and I see cows I think milk, steers I think steaks, sheep I think chops, pigs I think bacon, etc. They made Ringling Brothers retire the elephants from the circus. I’m going to miss watching the beautiful pachyderms parade down the streets of Orlando and triumphantly enter the ring, then perform a synchronized dance routine. They’re also trying to shut down Sea World.

I live just south of Marineland and Northeast of Sea World Orlando and have witnessed all the good they do. The animal-rights group that touts responsible pet adoption and veganism euthanized 88% of all pets PETA rescued. Next they’ll probably say that plants have feelings, so we shouldn’t eat them either. I used to think PETA stood for People Enjoying Tasty Animals. I think now that they need to change their initials to PITA. Pain In The Ass.

This year to relieve some tension, I have decided to put a little humor on my website instead of all politics. Funny life stories before political correctness. Check it out

I was told to drink responsibly. I didn’t know they made vodka named responsibly.
See you on the shiny side of tomorrow.

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