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Monthly Archives

Nobodies Opinion July 2015


By Billy “Kneecap” Braddock

July is one month that I get really irritated. I know it should be a joyous time with BBQ’s, parades, and fireworks but I look around and I see our schools indoctrinating instead of teaching. Polls have shown that 30% of our teens have no idea why, and from whom, we declared our Independence. (21% believe that the sun revolves around the earth). Even college students when asked about Independence Day know little or nothing at all. They weren’t taught that in 1776 we declared independence from an oppressive government. We are far more dependent and oppressed by this Imperial Federal Government than we were by Great Britain. We are taxed higher and regulated more.

I make no apology for being a patriotic American. Many Americans have forgotten or never knew what the Fourth of July is really all about. They never have been taught that a group of men signed their names to the Declaration of Independence knowing that it could cost them everything including their lives. Would you be willing to sacrifice yourself and your family to sign a similar document declaring independence from Obama tyranny? The Fourth of July is about our freedom in America. We are losing more and more freedoms daily. Patriotism is dying. It’s no longer taught in government schools. It’s more important to teach how to put a condom on a cucumber.

Even when I was in my one room K-8 school writing with a piece of coal on the back of a flat shovel or with a quill and ink on pulp paper, my teacher would encourage us to read as much as we could. When I finally went to high school, where we had electricity, I was instructed to read two books that have made a deep impression on me. One was “1984”, a dystopian novel by George Orwell that was about an omnipresent government surveillance and public manipulation dictated by a political system that persecutes individualism and independent thinking as “thought crime”. The other was Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shugged” that depicts a dystopian USA wherein many of society’s most prominent and successful industrialists abandoned their fortunes and the nation itself, in response to aggressive new regulations, whereupon most vital industries collapse. Sound familiar?

Our founding fathers despised democracy. That’s why they referred to the USA as a Republic. Democracy was once explained as “a pack of wolves and one sheep discussing what to have for lunch”. Time has changed. We now have the minority of the minority telling the majority how they should live. Since Bruce Jenner, aka Caitlyn (he to she) (if the surgery when going from she to he is called “adadicktomy” is going from he to she called “loseadicktomy”) and Rachel Dolezal (white to black), we now have to accept transgender, transethnicity (cisacism), transracialism, transanimal (otherkin).

I was once told that if you can’t beat them join them. So I did. When I got up this morning I felt like I was a female, so when I went to pee, I sat down. When I went to the gym, I told my trainer that I was still feeling like a female and would it be all right if I showered with the girls? He said “Just because you have a nice set of moobs (man boobs) and a beer belly that looks like a baby bump, that does not entitle you to the female shower room. The dumbbells are over there dumbbell”.

Someone once said I was pessimistic. Could a person who was married 12 times be a pessimist?

See you on the shiny side up tomorrow

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