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Monthly Archives

Nobodies’ Opinion June 2011

Nobodies Opinion Header

By Billy”Kneecap”Braddock

Y’all know how I like to rant about the government intervening and regulating our everyday lives, while spending money they don’t have.  Instead of following the direction of the Constitution’s 10th Amendment which states that the federal government has the power to regulate only matters delegated to it by the constitution.

Other powers are reserved to the states or the people.  However, since the Great Depression the skillful manipulation of the Commerce Clause has greatly increased the powers of Congress.  Now, the Feds tell us what light bulbs, toilets, appliances, autos, food, etc., we are ALLOWED to purchase.  Not what our Founding Fathers had in mind.

In 1929 the National Debt was $16 billion now it’s over $14 trillion.  Think, Congress that made $14 trillion disappear investigated Bernard Madoff for making $50 million disappear. OXYMORON?

Under the 2011 budget, every hour of every day the United States government spends $188 million, $130 million of which is borrowed.  The government spent $413 billion last year just on interest.  Since 1988 we paid $8 trillion in interest alone.  By 2021 we will be spending $1.1 trillion a year in interest.  By 2046 every dime of tax revenue will be spent on interest.  AMERICA WAKE-UP!!

Let’s discuss how the EPA effects the individual.  The EPA has used fish, bugs, lizards, and anything it can to stop progress and capitalism.  Just look at man made global warming.  Only an arrogant dingbat would believe the fairytale of man made global warming (remember in the ’60s & ’70s we had global freezing).  Mother Nature is neither liberal nor conservative.  She is the most powerful force in the world, and she does what she damn well pleases.  Even Parkay Margarine knew better than to mess with Mother Nature.  She’s in charge and nothing man can do will change her will or blunt force.

Today I am 23,572 days old and realizing I wasn’t born yesterday. I went for my yearly physical.  I know that good health is just a slow way to die, and old age doesn’t last long but I’m an optimist. My Doctor always reminds me that there is no vaccine to prevent stupidity.  He says that intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair. I guess that’s why mine is silver.

He also told me I have a nerve that connects my eyeballs to my anus. It’s called the Anal Optic Nerve. This is responsible for giving me my shitty outlook on life.  I didn’t believe him, so he pulled a hair from my ass and it brought tears to my eyes.

Anyhow, back to me and the EPA.  I read that each year 2,000,000 smokers either quit smoking or die of tobacco related diseases.  So I quit.  TOO LATE!  My lungs are shot, so I use an inhaler to help me breathe.  Here comes the EPA.  They get with the FDA and ban inhalers that utilize CFC as a propellant, and replace them with environmentally friendly HFA inhalers that are not as effective.

As with everything the EPA touches the cost goes up and the productiveness goes down. My inhaler went from $4 to $50 and is almost useless.  Again the EPA has put the so called global warming ahead of human life. I say again America “WAKE-UP”.

June is the month for graduating high schoolers.  Find some and ask them who was our first President (25% won’t know).  See if they know the significance of June 6th (D-Day), or June 14th (Flag Day).  Welcome to government education.

Interesting Fact: 111,111,111 x 111,111,111= 12,345,678,987,654,321.

See you on the shiny side of tomorrow…

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