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Monthly Archives

Nobodies Opinion June 2013


By Billy “Kneecap” Braddock

The United States has been called the “Melting Pot” because all types of people have immigrated from all over the world to this country. The state of Florida has a similar reputation. People from all over the country come to Florida for the climate, the beaches, attractions, and to be able to work with no state income tax. Many were fleeing high taxes, crime, corruption, forced unionization, and economic uneasiness. It must be they become homesick because they immediately want to make their new home like their old home. They constantly vote for the same things that ruined the area they left. Limited government was the main reason Florida progressed. Once settled in, the newcomers want more and more government services and more regulations. Then they complain that their taxes are going up. I hate the expression “there ought to be a law about that”. We have enough laws and regulations. What we need is less government.

I want someone to explain this phenomenon to me. You lived in a place where you were allergic to certain plants and trees. So you move to a place where these plants and trees don’t exist. You feel better. Things are going fine. Then you decide to plant these trees and plants that you were allergic to at your other home, in your front yard. Mind-boggling isn’t it? This is what’s been happening in Florida over the past 50 years. They moved here to rid themselves of the things that were hurting them and then try to mirror their past neighborhood. Are old self-destructive habits that hard to break? If you love big government that creates parasites and chokes the life out of businesses, go back, or stay where the hell you are. If you want to come to Florida, move here, but leave your noxious plants beyond.

State government is not the only problem we have in this country. The federal government has grown way beyond the bounds that our Founding Fathers outlined in our Constitution. Just look at the recent scandals that have plagued this country. The IRS, which is the most powerful and feared part of our government has been exposed to its methods. I’ve often said that if Hitler had had the IRS instead of the SS, we would all be doing the goose-step. Political correctness is a noxious plant that is strangling our country. To get a gun illegally is easy. To get a gun legally is hard. To immigrate to this country legally is hard. Illegally is easy. Our children are becoming wusses. They can’t play tag or dodge ball. And probably tug-of-war will be changed to tug of peace. If there ever was a reason for the decline of this country, government schools should be at the forefront. When we allow children to graduate high school who cannot read or write, this country is in trouble. I think it’s time for a revolution, not with pitchforks but with votes. As long as we allow uninformed voters to take control, we will reach the point of no return. We used to be the beacon of economic freedom. We not only slipped from the top 10, we now rank a pathetic 18th even Hong Kong, Singapore and Chile are ahead of us.

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about assteroids hitting the earth. I found a cure for this problem. Just send a rocket full of Preparation H to collide with the assteroid.

The other day I took my truck to my mechanic for repairs. I asked him what we should do with it. He mentioned “Euthanasia”.

See you on the shiny side of tomorrow…

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