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Monthly Archives

Nobodies Opinion Nov 2015


By Billy “Kneecap” Braddock

I’ve always considered November to be one of the more important months of the year. After all, we have four very important days in the month. There’s my birthday, the Marine Corps birthday, Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving. The reason I mention my birthday as being important is because at my age there is not going to be too many more. You know you’re getting old when you feel like you’re a gallon of milk that the date on your driver’s license is a month past ”best if used by” and your health insurance policy includes an autopsy. I eat as many things that have a lot of preservatives as I can because at my age I need all of preserving I can get. When I get in discussions about the condition of our country, I have often been quoted as saying “I will probably be dead by the time our country is completely destroyed”. Well, I think it’s happening faster than I thought. Playboy announced the other day that they would not publish any more nude photos. Now, if that is not an indication of the destruction of this country nothing is. I wish I was a teenager again, so I could take my flashlight and my Playboy magazine, crawl under my blanket and read all the articles. RIGHT!! Of course, at that age I knew everything.

November 10th is the 240th birthday of United States Marine Corps. The Marine Corps has participated in every war that has involved the United States. Let’s say thanks to all the active and former Marines. “Oorah” “Semper Fi”.

November 11th is Veterans Day when we honor all the members of the Armed Forces who have served this country valiantly, preserving our freedom and our way of life. I am constantly writing about how bad we treat our veterans. Veteran homelessness is disgraceful. It not only affects those from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, but also those who served in Vietnam, Korea and even World War II. Those who served in the Vietnam and post-Vietnam era have the greatest risk of becoming homeless. The number of homeless veterans in America is estimated at over 50,000. Vet homelessness is mostly faced by returning males, but females make up about 8% of the homeless vets. 50% of the homeless vets are between the ages of 18 and 50. One third were in a war zone at sometime. More than 50% of the homeless veterans suffer from disabilities. About two thirds of them have substance abuse issues. I was surprised to learn that we only spend about $154 billion on our vets. This includes veteran’s benefits, medical care, housing, education, training, and rehabilitation. Veterans are at risk for suicide, mental health issues like PTSD, disability, and even unemployment. Our veterans need and deserve our help. $338,300,000,000,00 is spent on illegal aliens each year. Are we stupid? We can thank our Congress for caring more about illegal aliens than we do our Veterans that fought so they could keep spending our money to keep their way of life and so called important jobs.

November 26 is Thanksgiving Day. This year it may be a little bit more important. While we eat drink and be merry we need to thank God that we still live in a country that has not become totally Socialist. We still have the right to protect our Constitution even though our government wants to trample on it. Take time to read and understand the 1st, 2nd, 9th and 10th amendments. These are very important.

Check out my website for more opinions.

See you on the shiny side of tomorrow.

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