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Monthly Archives

Nobodies Opinion Nov 2016


By Billy “Kneecap” Braddock


Being cremated is my last hope for having a hot smoking body…

Lived each day as if it was his last/yesterday he was right…

4 moods:

  • I’m too old for this crap
  • I’m too tired for this crap
  • I’m too sober for this crap
  • I don’t have time for this crap

Life has to be lived forward but can only be understood backwards/Aidous Huxley

To the gang: We grew up in the very best time to grow up in the history of America. The best music, muscle cars, cheap gas, fun kegs, buying a car for “a buck a year”-before Salt Lake got ruined by over population and Lake Powell was brand new. TV was boring back then, so we went outside and actually had lives. We always tried to have as much fun as possible without doing harm to anybody – we did a good job at that. See more at:

My regret is that I felt invincible when young and smoked cigarettes when I knew they were bad for me-

If you knew me or not dear reader, I am happy you got this far in my letter. I speak as a person who had a great life to look back on. My family is following my wishes that I not have a funeral or burial. If you knew me remember me in your own way. If you want to live forever, then don’t stop breathing, like I did-

It had more to do with the way she viewed the world, while life is serious, it shouldn’t be taken all that serious

As the old saying goes, “There is no such thing as bad publicity except for your own obituary.”
Won the best pitcher award

Annual checkups/Premortems

I was way too young when I was born

Kneecap always bragged that I didn’t ever edit anything he wrote except once when I removed a bad word and added dots where the uck would have been. So I didn’t edit this either. I tried to go to the link above and either he made a typo or he played a trick on us all! I will miss him immensely. He had many things he wanted to impart to his readers and I will ask that you vote in this election as a tribute to Kneecap and if you don’t know who to vote for…vote for Trump…use Kneecap’s name if you want, the Democrats will LOL (that is a joke). Also take care of your health, quit smoking, drink in moderation, love wholeheartedly and listen to the people who have great stories to tell no matter what they look like! Billy also ended each article with “See you on the shiny side of tomorrow…” notice he didn’t in this one…miss you already…

RIP Kneecap

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