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Monthly Archives

Nobodies Opinion Oct 2013


By Billy “Kneecap” Braddock

Before I get started with my opinion, I want to remind ya’ll that October is adopt a shelter dog month. We did and I found out that I didn’t adopt him, he adopted us. I don’t know why they say the dog is man’s best friend. If they were, we wouldn’t be cutting their balls off. He doesn’t seem to mind, it just gives him less to lick.

October is also the month we celebrate Halloween. That’s supposed to be the day we wear a costume. I’ve always felt that most of us wear a costume year-round. When we get dressed to go out in public we put our costume on. Our costume gives other people an insight to your personality or occupation. We profile people by the costume they’re wearing. If you see a person wearing a suit, scrubs, leathers, a black hoodie, socks with sandals, bib overalls, etc., you get an insight to that person. Being dressed like a Cowboy, Farmer, Doctor, Nurse, Biker, Thug, Gang Banger or Policeman, doesn’t make you one but most people would assume you are one. You can’t tell a book by its cover, but if you don’t like the cover, you may not want to open it up to read the text. Don’t be offended if people treat you like the costume you’re wearing. Trust me; I’m a professional equal opportunity offender.

It’s hard to find a group of people more patriotic than bikers. Most Americans love their country and are grateful for their freedom and liberties. Even though our government has a tendency to overstep their bounds and try to take away some constitutional freedoms and liberties. Last month, September, commemorative services were observed around the country to honor those who died on 9/11, and bikers were at the forefront. When Muslims tried to make a mockery of the disaster on 9/11 with the “Million Muslim March”, the biker community was outraged. In protest they quickly organized what they called “2 Million Biker Rally”. The National Park Service went out of their way to grant the American Muslim Political Action Committee a permit for their “Million Muslim March”, but denied the rally organizers a permit. Carol Johnson, a spokesman for the National Park Service said, “I wish the bikers would leave me alone.” Even though they did not have an escorted “no stop” permit they decided to do it anyway, following all the traffic laws. They even featured a poster on her Facebook page that said. “We don’t need no stinkin’ permit! We have our Constitutional Rights and We shall ride! The run that would’ve taken two hours took all day. Although 2 Million Bikers did not show up 3 to 4 thousand did. In comparison there were only 21 attendees to the “Million Muslim March”. I guess you could say Bikers are our “Modern-Day Minutemen”. However, they don’t need muskets; they will revolt with kick stands.

A little bit of advice: If in the morning you look in a mirror and you look like the picture on your driver’s license you’re too sick to ride.

I figured out that my love life sucks. All I wake up with in my bed are dust mites.

Check out my new website. There will be new Opinions every Tuesday and Friday

Have a fun filled and safe Biketoberfest.

See you on the shiny side of tomorrow…

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