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Monthly Archives

Nobodies’ Opinion Sept. 2011

Nobodies Opinion Header

By Billy”Kneecap”Braddock

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Here we are in September and most students are back in school. First, we miss define the word student. The term refers to a person who is engaged in learning. Have you talked to a High School graduate lately? Da! Also, the term public school (pronounced and spelled “screw-all”) is also ill defined. As defined by radio talk show host, Neal Boortz, we should be calling them government schools. Makes sense. After all, they are owned and operated by the government.

It use to be each state ran their own educational procedures. Then, in 1979 the Great President Jimmy Carter signed a bill making the Department of Education a cabinet position, giving the Federal Government the ability to “establish policy”. Since then, the government has doubled in spending and we are ending up with more ignoramuses than ever. We have a high school dropout occurring every 9 seconds, and 1/3 never graduate in some urban schools. If spending was the solution, we surely would have solved the problem. Don’t you think $11,000 and up per student is a little extravagant?

I’m not blaming all the teachers, for there are some that are devoted. Most of the problem comes from government regulations, inept administrators, and unions. Like the administrators who called the police on a seven year old boy who tried to pay for his lunch with a million dollar novelty bill. Now, even the dumbest know there is no such thing as a million dollar bill. The police laughed in their face and returned the bill to the scared kid. There are stories like that every day. These are the people teaching your children! The schools have eliminated competition. They now grade on effort not ability. It’s a debacle and run like a conveyor belt. Mediocrity is tolerated and they care more about self-esteem and ethnicity, than reading, writing and math. There is more emphasis placed on condom-wearing, global warming, and political correctness, than science and literature.

“WAKE UP AMERICA”. Unless we produce good citizens who can read their own diplomas, make change without a calculator, write a sentence without spell check, and recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag from memory, we don’t have a “FUTURE”.

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