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Monthly Archives

Off To The Races!

By Lulu


If you come to Bike Week and don’t go to the races shame on you. After all, that is what Bike Week is about…motorcycling. We seem to have confused that with beer, booze and babes. Honestly, I have only gone out to the track twice to try my hand at shooting things flying past at 130 miles an hour. This year I asked Cameron Newpher to shoot down at the track and he did a great job! Flat Track Racing has been going on for over 90 years. It suffered a loss of popularity for a bit to Grand Prix and motocross racing but it is seeing a resurgence with the comeback of Indian Motorcycles. During the height of Flat Track Racing it was the battle of Indians against Harleys that fueled the sport. Racing on dirt, the speeds on the straights hit 130 miles an hour and the bikes slide into the turns at 90 miles an hour almost touching. A friend of mine Ace Myers raced when the track was still on the beach in Daytona and he speaks of how back then the crowd would reach out and touch you as you hurtled past. Put this on your list of events to check out. They have races scheduled all over the U.S. Check the schedule at

Photos by Cameron Newpher

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