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Monthly Archives

Orlando Eagles Rider’s Ride For Pulse

by Lori “Shutta Bitch” Mobouck ~ Fire & Iron

MC-Station 10 Secretary and Region 1 Secretary

Orlando Ride

It seems like most mornings we wake up to some kind of tragedy these days. Recently, I was honored to join a group of bikers riding for the Pulse victims and their families. I woke not knowing how the day would go, knowing that day changed so many lives. I was asked to write an article, but to tell you the truth, didn’t realize how hard it was going to be because I wanted to honor all that were directly affected on that day. The day was emotional but with everyone there, we all stood together for the same reason.

The turnout was amazing. The ride visited different places, police stations, fire departments (some of which were on scene that morning) and various others establishments that had contributed with donations.

As I approached Pulse, there were a few people already at the memorial site. It was so quiet but you could hear what they were thinking. I could only imagine the shock and horror each person must have felt not knowing why this was happening and which way they should run to feel safe again. Overwhelming emotions changing the survivors’ lives and the victim’s families lives forever.

As the world watched in shock as the story unfolded, we prayed for them with hope in our hearts. Hope for this world not be filled with so much violence.

Wishing you all “wicked” safe and fun travels!!!

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