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Monthly Archives

Poker Run For Caleb

By Miserable George

CalebRunYa know…most of us take life for granted…we go about our daily activities, not thinking anything of it. Now, we have Caleb Horvath, a three year old, who must fight for HIS life every day…he suffers from Rhabdomyosarcoma…I can’t even pronounce it…a rare form of cancer, for which he will be treated for the next 54 weeks…very painful!

Harry and Debbie, and the gang at H&D Roadhouse, in Merritt Island, set up a benefit poker run on June 8, 2014. Weather was perfect; Harry expected about 100 bikes…there were 250!! Over 70 signed in at American Legion Post 359 alone…thanks guys!!! Well over $6300 was raised from sign-ins, auctions, a 50/50, sales of various SUPER CALEB items, and, at this writing, donations were still rolling in!

Several good, live bands provided some lively entertainment, and, of course, as always…there were lovely ladies struttin’ all over the place! Like Harry said, “It doesn’t get much better than this!” The place was packed to actual over-flowing…all day and into the night! If you couldn’t make the run, a fund has been established at KSC Fed. Credit Union for Caleb…#3243514. The family thanks everyone for their generosity and well wishes. GOD Bless you Caleb, and all the bikers who went to bat for you on the run.
Ride safe…

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