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Monthly Archives

Poker Run For Jamie Armstrong Gardner

By LuLu

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The “Brotherhood of Bikers” is bantered around by all of us. The generosity of bikers is well known, even bartenders claim that bikers tip better than NASCAR enthusiasts. But on a poker run for a well known lady biker who was smashed into by a hit and run driver, the masses came out on two and three wheels to lift her spirit and lighten the financial devastation of hospitalization and being unable to work! Bikers always amaze me and I cannot get over the difference they can make in someone’s life. Poker runs started as a way to help downed bikers and now they occur each and every weekend for just about any cause you can imagine…but this kind of tragic accident is what the poker runs are truly about! I am including two letters written to the magazine in Letters to the Editor in this edition regarding Jamie’s run.

I also want to thank Twisted Tea, SR Perrott, Budweiser, Sharon Kitts and all the volunteers for making this run a huge success. All types of items were donated for the raffles. The money for the 50/50 was donated back. The stops included Iron Horse, Circus II, Lost Lagoon Wings and Grille and Hidden Treasure. The party ended at Boot Hill Saloon who went over and above for Jamie’s event. Fine music was provided by The Accuzed. But in the end I really want to thank each and every one of you who took your day, your money and gave of yourself to make this young lady feel the “brotherhood”!

Poker run for Jamie armstrong gardner shines The LighT on The Love of bikers

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