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Monthly Archives

Poker Run For Ralph Lamassa

poker run for ralph (8)

By “Kneecap”

Have you ever met a guy that had a gruff, hoarse, brusk, surly voice who was curt, blunt, bad tempered, grumpy, grouchy and crabby but was caring and generous, then you probably met Ralph “Who” LaMassa. Ralph has always been known to have a big heart but that big heart gave him some big problems. He went into the hospital for what he thought would be a simple stent but ended up having serious open-heart surgery. The doctors had to open him up twice. He was in an induced coma for a week and a half, spent two months in the hospital and one month in rehab going to dialysis three times a week. He had always been there for others so it was our turn to be there for him. His friends organized a benefit poker run which started at the White Eagle, went to One Horse Saloon, Circus II, Annie Oakley’s, Three Finger Charlie’s, and finished at the White Eagle for free BBQ and entertainment. If you go to the White Eagle Lounge and you see a 74-year-old man with a very long ponytail and he greets you with the words “hombre” you have met Ralph. Say Hi.

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