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Monthly Archives

Pony Tales Apr 2013

Pony Tales header

By Lulu

Generosity is defined in the dictionary as willing to give or share unselfishly. And boy I was I blown away by a generous crowd and two young men at Twisted Tea’s Hot Thunder Bikini Contest during Bike Week at the White Eagle. Last Biketoberfest, I offered to give the Tracy Dillon Breast Cancer Fund $150 if I could get some men from the crowd to come on stage, take their shirts off and dance in a pink bra and pink boa. Please note this is a biker bar at a major bike event. In seconds, guys jumped on stage, prances around and I had to cough up the $150 which I happily donated.

Fast forward to Bike Week 2013, I had to come up with something to one up that and a friend of ours Jeff had two starving Wyotech students staying at his house. They are two young bucks, that although a bit reluctantly, agreed to come out on stage recreating the whole Tom Cruise bit from Risky Business in PINK “whitey tightys” and a pink men’s dress shirt. I offered to auction them off and treat the lucky girl to a night on the town with the young men. As my girlfriend Kim and I were dying the briefs to a nice pink, I had my doubts that they would show up. But they did, and when I called them on stage I was stunned. Before I even had a chance to introduce them, ladies started shoving money in their shorts and the whole auction thing was thrown to the wayside. It took on a life of its own and became a male strip show minus the pole! I think Sterling may go to work on stage and give up on fixing bikes and boats for a living! Even more amazing is Sterling’s father was in the audience and he is an ol’ school biker! I have to love bikers because even the men were handing money to their ladies or me…I didn’t catch any putting money in the boy’s shorts, thank God. When we came out with what we thought was our generous final total Artie walked up and handed me $100 out of his pocket, a food vendor out back gave me $50 and $20s were coming from everywhere. Our grand total was $632!!!!

What I didn’t know about the two boys, Josh and Sterling, was their reason for doing it. Josh had an aunt that died from breast cancer and Sterling lost his mom to cancer as a child. Josh asked me to please say if I wrote about this they did it in the memory of their loved ones. Not just everyone would be brave enough to dance around in their undies, much less pink ones, for the good of people they don’t know. Not just everyone cares enough to make a difference. But their guts, butts and glory…and the generous spirits that donated their Bike Week spending money, will help women that can’t afford a mammogram get that essential screening before a potential disease becomes a death sentence. Thank you Josh, Sterling and those that gave you made me a very happy girl!

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