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Monthly Archives

Pony Tales April 2014

Pony Tales header By Lulu

Another Bike Week has ridden in and out in Daytona Beach. Reports are mixed, some vendors and bars claiming to be down as much as 30%, while others fared much better and some even hit all time record sales. The weather was pretty darn perfect and plenty of snowbirds had a chance to experience some beautiful Florida riding. There was just enough cold weather do make us dust off our leathers and just enough sunshine to keep a pink glow on our faces. It seemed to me the police weren’t as aggravating as they can sometimes be to bikers, and I personally saw them giving far more tickets to cage riders than bike riders for a change.

My Bike Week was eventful in that I helped Iron Horse Saloon with handling their 10pm bands and it required staying out much later than I am accustomed to. I may think I can party like a rock star, but after 4 nights of hanging with the guys and gals from Boston, Mustang Sally and Bad Company I knew better; and I still had a long week to finish out my obligations. It was fun and the bands couldn’t have been any nicer. The job included having their meals catered in, providing the essentials per their contract and just making sure that if they needed Sharpies, batteries or drinks that they had them. Most people would think it sounds like an easy gig…I certainly thought so, and I know it sounds silly, but it was hard work! I think I should have started a month earlier training to stay out late, if I get asked back next year to do it…I think I will start training 6 weeks before Bike Week!

And now that Bike Week is behind us we have Leesburg Bike Fest to look forward and a multitude of events in every county all over the state. Remember you can post your events on our web calendar by going to And that calendar includes events that are added after we print.

Ride on roads you haven’t traveled, meet someone from North Carolina you will be glad you did and don’t forget your sunscreen!

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