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Monthly Archives

Pony Tales August 2012

Pony Tales header

By Lulu

Motorcycle accidents are often avoidable by alert driving on our part, but occasionally out of nowhere we are taken out by deer, bears or idiots behind the wheels of a cage or unskilled bikers riding along with us.

A friend of mine who is an excellent rider with countless miles on his Harley was hit twice in five weeks on the same road by deer. I don’t know about other areas of Florida but in the Palm Coast area they are a real problem. I was amazed that both times Ken was able to keep his bike up, but when he relayed the story to me about looking down and seeing a huge deer eye between his headlight and mirror it was pretty creepy. Micah and Ken laughed about adding new meaning to a “deer in the headlight” saying, and Ken is now being called “the Deer Slayer”. But the reality is we could have been visiting him in the hospital or worse instead of the bike having some major deer rash!

We all know the risk of riding, but I was at the Iron Horse this weekend and saw a guy on the run for the Knights of Inferno mounting up to ride out on a bald tire. I don’t know if you have experienced a back tire blow out at 80 miles an hour, but I have! And to be swung around so that you are next to the guy you are supposed to be in the seat behind is FREAKED OUT crazy. When I told the guy you need a new tire he quickly replied, “Tell my wife!” Well hand her this article because unless she just took a life insurance policy out on you she needs to know you are putting yourself in harm’s way and the rest of us that share your trip!!!!

I am keeping this short so your picture can be big to remind us all to maintain our bikes and keep rubber on your rims!

Check your tire pressure, do a complete check on your ride and please don’t forget your sunscreen!!!

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