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Monthly Archives

Pony Tales August 2014

Pony Tales header

By Lulu

BethInSturgis2014Just arrived in Sturgis, prior to the big rally rolling into town. If you get a chance to attend the 75th next year I suggest you come into town a week early or stay a week past the event. The sleepy little town of 6,000 is so unique in a Mayberry type way when all of the rowdy bikers are not here. The local diners are filled with real cowboys and folks who have lived here their entire life. The views are amazing and the roadways not clogged with traffic. The real time to take it all in is before the mega motorcycle party. I was able to locate the brick I had laid in memory of Bull Connors, the original owner of Thunder Roads Florida and of course that was a sad memory.

I am here helping the Easyrider Saloon do their staffing and preparations for Sturgis #74. My stay in Sturgis is one month!!! After the initial 2 weeks of prepping for the rally I will be tending bar here with the Rally girls and it should be one hell of a party. If you are coming up from Florida come by and say hi!

The only thing I am wishing is that I had a bike up here. We came up on short notice and flew into Rapid City. The last time I was here I had my own little Sportster and had such a wonderful time. This trip is work, work, and more work! Not that there hasn’t been at least one night of toilet hugging!! You have to do a little bit of partying while here right?

Start saving for Sturgis 75th, ride a road less traveled and don’t forget your sunscreen.

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