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Monthly Archives

Pony Tales December 2011

Pony Tales header

By Lulu

As we end the year, I have so much to be thankful for and so much to be hopeful for in 2012. Thankful is for the family and friends that I have in the biker community. Thankful is that I haven’t needed them to rally around me for any catastrophe. Thankful is that my friends who have faced grave illness or injuries, this year are still here…cured, in remission, healed or still fighting a brave fight! Thankful…that when someone who needs a helping hand, like Sharon Kitts did this year, people turn out in huge numbers (many not even knowing Sharon) to ride and give. JUST AWESOME! This economy hasn’t been easy on any of us, and in some ways, the struggle seems to have bonded us tighter. We may not give as much, but WE STILL FIND SOMETHING to give. INCREDIBLE, really! Thankful is for my wonderful staff and believers in Thunder Roads Florida and my fellow Thunder Riders. Thankful…is for our advertisers who make this whole thing possible. Thankful…is for Micah who I couldn’t do it without.

Hopeful is that my friends’ struggles will be easier this year. That health will be the gift many of us cherish. I am not even going to hope for wealth or an improved economy. Just status quo will be okay with me, as long as, my wish for health comes true. My other hope is…that, YOU REALLY understand the impact your generous spirits have on those such as Sharon Kitts. Her poker run raised a lot of money, but the warmth of knowing people are inspired to give of their time to ride for you, give of their money to ease a financial burden, to give of their heart by showing support when you have had (pardon me here)…your ass kicked!; these are giant gifts when you are burdened by illness or injuries. These are the spirit of Christmas, and the bikers I know are Santas all year long.

NOW, don’t be a Grinch if at all possible ride with me on December 3rd for our run, the Volusia County Grub Run sponsored by Rue & Ziffra’s law firm and First Turn. If you aren’t in the greater Daytona area, or just have something more important that day…drop some food off at your local food pantry, shelter or bin at the grocery.

Have a Merry Christmas, call an old friend and don’t forget your sunscreen!

Love, Lulu

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