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Monthly Archives

Pony Tales December 2014

Pony Tales header

By Lulu

SamReflecting back on the past eight years we have been printing Thunder Roads Florida I am saddened by how many friends that are no longer here to ride the highways with us. This year we lost an amazing woman and the holiday season just will not be the same without her generous loving spirit lighting our lives. Sam Leonard was an avid HOG member, loving mother, fabulous wife (and ex-wife) and great friend to many including myself.

At Christmas Sam and her best friend…and husband…Leo would dress up in holiday garb riding around town bestowing holiday cheer and generosity, whether it was for food drives or toy runs.

To Leo and the family, I want to say we loved her too and miss her smile and the world was just a better place for knowing her. For those of us who knew Sam, please keep her generous spirit going by giving to the food banks, toy runs or Children Home Society just a little more in her memory!!! That is what the holidays are about friends and family…even those who are watching us from above…

Kiss those who are with you for the holidays, call those who are not and take a moment to remember those who are gone…

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