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Monthly Archives

Pony Tales Feb 2011

Pony Tales headerWith all the crazy stuff in the world such as the shooting in Arizona, I am thrilled when I meet just plain GREAT people. It renews my faith in the world and often, it is as simple as people going out of their way to be nice when giving directions or serving a cocktail. That is the kind of people we met on a recent trip to Nassau County that we covered in our County by County article this month.

We met great friendly bartenders, wonderful friendly entertainers that came to our table to chit chat and bikers that wanted to share their stories of their favorite bars, restaurants and roads to ride.

Often it is just Micah and I on our travels which can be “lonely” at times. Not that I don’t love Micah’s company, but I am a people person and love to have friends around. So when strangers “take us in” to their inner circle it is heart warming.

We were freezing cold on this particular trip, the kind of cold where your tears and nose run while riding. As layered as we were our fingers and Micah’s toes were numb. Another biker said he couldn’t go longer than 30 minutes without stopping due to the cold. But the warm people we met along the way made the trip pleasant and Nassau County a place we intend to visit often.

A special thank you to PJ Bradley for his informative note about where to visit and ride in Nassau, our next few articles will be Volusia County in March and Lake County in April to coincide with Bike Week and Leesburg Bike Festivals.

Ride a new road, talk with a stranger and don’t forget your sunscreen!

If you have favorite bars, restaurants, sights and roads in Volusia or Lake county or festivals in Florida that you think we should cover for your county, please submit them to us below or on the contact page of this site.

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