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Monthly Archives

Pony Tales Feb 2013

Pony Tales header

By Lulu

Well I could use this space up ranting about the gun issue, Lance Armstrong or the silly football player that either was duped or made up a girlfriend…but I am sick of hearing all that so I am sure most readers feel the same. Instead I have to say thank you to the loyal followers and to some new peeps that showed up last night to our first Twisted Bike Night at the Beaver Bar in Ormond Beach.

Twisted Tea has teamed up with us and we are featuring a couple of our ad clients’ establishments each month. I decided to give away a $50 gift card to gather food for the local food pantries. To get in the raffle we gave a ticket for each food item brought in. We had a great night, raised a bunch of vittles, and brought some new folks into the new Beaver Bar for their Thursday night bike night which included $1 Tacos that were yummy!

But really why I am writing this is the goodness of bikers NEVER ceases to amaze me! I thought since it was our first one of these events we would be lucky to get a few bags of grub, but they filled the back of my SUV. Next month’s events will be at One Horse Saloon in Holly Hill on Thursday the 28th and on Sunday the 24th at Mardi Gras Sports Bar in St. Augustine. Try to ride into one or both and bring friends we had a really great night.

As we go into our 6th year of having Thunder Roads in Florida, I reflect on the great people we have ridden with over the years. I have met Billy Lane, Bruce Rossmeyer, Billy Joel, Dan Haggerty, Gretchen Wilson, Mustang Sally, Charlie Daniels, Arlen Ness, Dave Perewitz, John Parnham, Michele Smith, Eddie Trotta, the guys from OCC, Roger Bourget, Dave Mason…I could go on; and not that they aren’t all really interesting people who have made it big in music or in the motorcycle industry…they still pale in comparison to some of the everyday people who I have met and now call friends. Shane & Amy that have helped in the Daytona area since day one, Kneecap who until he got his Beagle was ornery but is always there for me, Micki and Rich in St. Augustine that held my hand through some dark days, Ron Cox in Ft. Myers a wonderful friend, Deborah Speicher in St. Pete who loves to ride as much as any man I know, Lil Jon in Lake City who kept me from throwing the towel in many times and Miserable George from Cocoa that gives me compliments at just the right time! These are the people who have been with us through most of these pages. Our Web Designer Lenny has been just a blessing! We have grown and now have Metric & Phoenix in Sebring, Raven in Jacksonville and Tommy Brandon in S. Brevard. It takes a lot of miles on your bike to be at as many events as we try to cover and I thank each and every one of them for all they do. And I must also thank the ad clients that make it all possible!!! Please try to frequent the establishments in this magazine and let them know you saw them here.

Ride out to one of Twisted events soon and introduce yourself, become a Thunder Rider on our website and above all don’t forget your sunscreen!

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