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Monthly Archives

Pony Tales Jan 2011

Pony Tales headerNew Year’s are a blessing, a fresh start…another year.  As a dear friend lies in a hospital bed with bleak news, I am reminded how precious each new year is.  I am also reminded how precious friends are and how important that we make time for them, forgive them and ask forgiveness. Time is the precious gift we give of ourselves to one another.

My dear friend has walked with me through some of my darkest days and given them light. She has followed me on my crazy escapades from Sturgis to Key West and even to the Playboy Mansion. She has rushed me to the doctors when I was ill, held me when I couldn’t stop crying over the loss of Bull and made me laugh as she hallucinated over waving cornfields, after far too many endless hours of driving to Sturgis. Sharon is one of those people that it is easy to know, that loves you for who you are and makes you feel like family. After just one day of riding with Glenn and Sharon, Bull cuddled her up in his arm and called her “my sister”; and he wasn’t like Sharon, he didn’t let just anyone in.

Sharon can tell you when you have let her down, because not telling you might hurt your friendship more than telling you. That is one of the things I love about her. She doesn’t give up on anybody, doesn’t judge or expect you to be anyone other than who you are. I honestly can say I have never heard her be mean to anyone, ever. I have heard her speak her mind…adamantly, sometimes with tears in her eyes. But in speaking her mind she doesn’t expect you to agree, just to understand her position. We should all seek to be more like her. I may be lectured for writing of her now, but this column has always (from the first magazine) been about my life and I want to say to everyone I know I LOVE YOU Sharon. And to all who read this, call your friends and check on them, tell them you miss them, meet them for lunch. Don’t be sitting in a hospital room like I was today praying for time to do just that. Make it happen now!

Watch a movie with an old friend, share a beer with a new friend and take a moment to pray for my friend…

5 Responses to “Pony Tales Jan 2011”

  • bill g:

    great web site looking forward to joining the membership. thanks for all you do for the vets & rolling thunder chapter 8 Bill lol

  • paulette:

    I love this!! I am glenn’s sister in law from NY.. (Dana’s Mom).. I was at the party.. God Bless Sharon.. wish i could post this on FB..

  • Joyce:

    Thank you for your article about a person I love and have known forever. I have to agree that Sharon is one of the most amazing women I know. Her life is happy, she is happy and she spreads happiness where ever she goes. I love you my friend and am proud of each and every one of your milestones!

  • Laura:

    I am so happy to read this article. From the moment that I was first introduced to Sharon my ex-husband, I liked her. She has always been a very kind person, and good friend, and treated my children with such love.

    I feel blessed to know her, and I pray for her every day. My God bless and keep Sharon…for she is definitely one of His angels on Earth.

    Love you, Sharon!

  • Lulu Connors:

    I want to thank each and everyone for reading the article and for your gracious comments. Everyone who knows Sharon, loves her and that is quite a beautiful statement for people to be able to say about you. In case Sharon reads this…we are sending love and prayers to your each and everyday!

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