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Monthly Archives

Pony Tales Jan 2012

Pony Tales header

By Lulu

Reflecting back over the year remarkable things have happened not just in the world of motorcycles. The Iraq war has ended. The loss of men and women over the past 9 years has been a huge price to pay, but we can only hope that history will see this war as a triumph of human nature against terror and evil. We will never know what horrors may have been prevented because of the bravery of the USA. We had the 911 Red Knights’ Memorial Ride with an eleven mile ribbon of motorcycles to remember the event that catapulted us into that war. Just a wonderful showing of patriotism which also occurred in communities all over our great state.

Rue & Ziffra’s law firm hosted my 3rd attempt to raise food for the food banks after Thanksgiving. We more than doubled our previous collection of food thanks to all our 2 wheeled Santas. We also raised over $1500 and I heard on the news this morning for each $1 in cash donation, $9 of food can be purchased because Second Harvest Food Bank is able to buy food at a huge discount! I am so proud of those that helped on this run, Jessica from Rue & Ziffra’s (and their entire staff). There will be an article about the event in next month’s magazine, but I do want to mention that the wonderful guys and gals from Rolling Thunder Chapter 8 showed up in full force not only to work the event, but won 3 of the $100 prizes for most pounds of food and donated it all back to the cause. That was just awesome!

On the topic of phenomenal events of 2011, Micah and I have to put the ride to Washington, D.C. with Rolling Thunder on the top of our list! Please if you get a chance to do this ride…do it! It will make you feel so good about the people who have defended our country!

If you haven’t joined our Thunder Rider group we would love you join. It is free and by the time this hits the stands we will probably hit 1000 members in less than a year! This isn’t a “meat market” site. You can read the magazine online, see pictures that don’t make the magazine, read previously published articles, vote on and enter bike contests and we are starting to feature articles written by our members about places to ride, etc. Also the web calendar is updated weekly and we are able to send out reminders about upcoming events that might have slipped your mind.

I want to wish all who ride on two wheels safe travels in 2012, remember as Kneecap often states “ride like you are in an Avatar game and everyone is after you”; ultimately your safety is in your control of the handlebars. Driving defensively is your best chance of escaping harm.

Ride safe, keep warm and don’t forget even in cold weather you need your sunscreen!

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