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Monthly Archives

Pony Tales June 2011

Pony Tales header

By Lulu

Last month I wrote about a problem child in a bar in Okeechobee and boy did that stir up a hornet’s nest. I have to say everyone’s comments that I have received certainly let me know you are reading and I do appreciate that (in case you missed it we have the articles archived on our website HERE), but I must admit by not giving the name of the actual bar it caused some second guessing of who it might be.

I hadn’t really considered that in that same small town there could be multiple bar owners with daughters that work for their dads. I have to set the record straight it was NOT Butch’s or Barracudas!!!!

I had a great time while in Okeechobee with the owner of Butch’s and even used pictures from there in my article covering their county. Barracudas is actually a big supporter of our magazine and just took an ad with us this month. They both were extremely cordial about the situation and have ALWAYS been BIKER FRIENDLY. I hope this sets the record at least somewhat straight.  I still will not divulge the name of the actual bar, because I feel it would be unfair to ruin a father’s business due to his daughter’s stupidity.

On another note…I am so excited to leave on our ride with the Daytona Chapter of Rolling Thunder to Washington DC. They say over one million bikes will ride to this event from all over the country. We will end up at the Vietnam Wall and spend 4 days exploring our Capitol.  Micah and I will be riding up on his bike with several other couples and look forward to making new friends and to filling our hearts and souls with PATRIOTISM.

I have always been respectful and proud of our military, but after several trips to Washington and seeing The Wall and Arlington Cemetary I really understood what sacrifices have been made for us by brave men and women whose lives were cut short by their involvement in protecting us. Often the sacrifice we don’t see is simply the time away from family and friends and the creature comforts of home!

I am spoiled and I know it. I have had to face tragedy a few times in my life, but I have never had to fear for my life or the life of a loved one from unknown enemies. I mostly feel safe.  I realize not everyone gets to live feeling safe in their homeland. It is due to the strength of our military that I enjoy the safety of our borders. The tragedys of Pearl Harbor and 9/11 briefly caused fear within us all, and heightened our sense of the need to remain alert and on guard.

When I first had to fly to New York a few weeks after 9/11 I clutched a pen in my hand and told myself if anyone acted inappropriately I would stab them in the eye! A few flights later I wasn’t worried again and life for me was back to normal, relying on others to protect me. Micah says I am too trusting, but all the bad people in the world seem to be kept at bay by the good men and women of our armed forces and police, so that I can live my life feeling relatively safe.

It is those that have lost so much that I will be traveling to D.C.for. I want the world to see that our brotherhood of bikers know the cost of freedom.  I know this will be the most important bike ride I will ever make!

Tell someone in a uniform thank you, ride on a poker run for the veterans this year and VOTE!!!

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