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Monthly Archives

Pony Tales June 2013

Pony Tales header

By Lulu

KevinnelchaBoy this has been a sad month. A dear friend to me and the motorcycle community passed away and it really took the wind out of my sails. Kevin Rosa, co-owner of the White Eagle a bar that catered to the biking community before most, passed away and I will miss him deeply. He was the life of the party and lived life more fully than many. He worked hard, played hard and cared for bikers. His bar fed anyone who showed up on the last Sunday of the month for years…no minimum drink required. Just show up and eat, listen to music and enjoy the company of other bikers. He was a huge supporter of Thunder Roads Florida, personally landing ad sales with other bars when I needed help in the beginning. I loved him for that. When my car was rusted he took me to get a paint job, telling the guy to give me a good deal because I was his wife…little white lie!!! But the guy winked and did a great job for half the price. When I needed a roommate he introduced me to Sherry Fletcher his bar manager at the time and ended up giving me one of my most precious gifts in life, my best friend. I hate to think I won’t ride along side Kevin and Neeltje on his Screaming Eagle on our way to Key West again. Those miles of highway riding will just be great memories now. I want to thank you Neeltje for the hours of devoted care you gave to Kevin, it is only because of you he had the last couple of years with us.

Kevin’s saying when he was having too much fun was “KNUCKLES”, and you better not leave him hanging! You just smacked your knuckles against his and he would laugh. He fought the hardest fight I have ever witnessed with his second bout of throat cancer, any other person would have died within six months of the second diagnosis…that is the statistics; and 2 and a half years he lived. I took a piece of wood and hammered long big nails in it and wrote on it “Tough as Nails”, tied balloons to it and visited him early on during his radiation…he laughed and said “You too!” knowing how hard I took Bull’s suicide years before. I will miss Kevin’s support. He was my friend and now I have one less…bad month.

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