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Monthly Archives

Pony Tales Mar 2011

Pony Tales header

In what others refer to as the “subculture of bikers”, there is a diverse mix of groups. There are the MC’s with their bad boy image, and even though I am certain that some of their notoriety is well deserved; I know many members on a first name basis who saddle up for rides for charity and rides to help downed bikers. When I have needed help in the past they have been there for me. The other patch wearing clubs, such as the Red Knights, Blue Knights, Legacy Vets, etc., in their enjoyment of biking also do great community projects.

Rolling Thunder is a national motorcycle organization that brings great awareness and respect to our military, and who have been a source of protection for families during private moments of grief. As anyone who reads my column regularly knows one of the purposes that I feel Thunder Roads Florida serves is to bring awareness of how great we are as a family of bikers and that few other social groups do as much good every weekend as we do.

As a group we are one of the most patriotic and flag waving “subcultures” that exists. There is a video I watched on YouTube that I would love to share with you. It’s about a boy in California, Cody Alicea that has family members who served and still serve in our military. He chooses to fly a flag on the back of his bicycle to show his sense of patriotism and respect for his family members that have served. He was told by his school that he wasn’t allowed to come to school with his flag on his bicycle anymore. Imagine that our country whose schools use to instill a sense of patriotism and pride in what our flag stands for now admonishes a child for flying our flag with pride!!!! In the video the American Legion Riders escort this boy on his bicycle to school with their engines roaring and THEIR FLAGS FLYING.

American Legion Riders Escort Boy To School


Needless to say the school who was afraid of offending other students decided they had offended another segment of society with a “louder” voice. Bravo!!! And that is exactly what makes me so damn proud of bikers.

Fly our flag with pride, visit an Irish pub and don’t forget your sunscreen!

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